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Security Services

Security risk management is an essential part of any IT decision. Level5 Technology Group has the expertise to work through the complexities and dependencies with assurance.



Large team of highly skilled, certified security practitioners • Continuous assessments, remediation, and knowledge transfer


Managed Services

Secure operations management • Threat Detection and response • Risk identification and mitigation



Websites • Corporate data, systems, and identities • Software Applications • Internet of Things • Mobile Devices • Cloud Services

CyberSecurity is a process of thwarting actors with financial, political or personal motivation who are armed with sophisticated tools:

  • Advanced persistent threats
  • Zero day threats

Level 5 partners with IBM, Akamai, Cisco Systems, Peak 10, Equinix, SEC Consult and others for evolutionary Defense-in-Depth
In the cat-and-mouse game of Information Security, it is essential to stay sufficiently ahead of perpetrators, hacktivists and disgruntled individuals through a process of continuous assessment, remediation, research, and knowledge transfer. Regulatory compliance supports the assurance of best practice.

Level 5 protects, guides, and instructs organizations through the rising tide of risks. Information Security is not a distraction with the Level 5 approach to research, preparation, defense, and detection.

No matter what an organization’s mission is, core IT investments are critical to sustainable growth. With ever-increasing reliance on mobility, IoT, cloud-based services and a constantly growing field of software applications, organizations are often overwhelmed with operations and need outside support for the intelligence and perspective to make the most effective decisions.

Level 5 constantly performs the cybersecurity diligence with world-class solutions and service providers to ensure that an organization’s security posture doesn’t erode with the newest Zero Day attack or Advance Persistent Threat.

Security Services Include:

  • Governance and Compliance services: Evaluate and align existing security practices with regulations and standards that support business requirements and operational objectives
  • Data security services: Enable business innovation with secure systems, access and compliance
  • Threat mitigation services: Reduce risk with assurance leveraging solutions and expertise that provide controls, metrics and continuous improvement for the entire IT environment
  • IoT device evaluation: Use a ground breaking, noninvasive tool that evaluates device firmware against a vast and rapidly expanding database of known IoT vulnerabilities. Receive a comprehensive vulnerability report with actionable conclusions for each device tested.
  • Compliance services: Reduce risk of cost of compliance and audit, through the most comprehensive, visual compliance mapping tool.
  • Behavior change services: Reduce risk with immediate and long term behavior change. A new approach to measuring, managing and monitoring your cyber risk.

The sky is not falling

Information Assurance is attainable, sustainable and affordable when implemented by certified, experienced and passionate practitioners.

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