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HBO Hack

Recent HBO Hack Puts Focus on Intellectual Property

By now, many have heard about the HBO hack and all the intellectual data that has been compromised. There have been numerous data breaches over the past several years. Most of that attention has been focused on stolen credit card information and personal data. However, the recent breach at HBO helps underscore that there is another type of data that is equally, if not more valuable; intellectual property. Companies like HBO do not store or utilize credit card or other Personally Identifiable Information in large quantities. For that reason, many companies believe that they will “fly under the radar”. Even so, these companies can likewise fall victims to cyber criminals if they are not actively monitoring their crucial intellectual data. The hackers can, either, resell the data to competitors, or hold the data ransom. 

How can you protect such valuable data? You are never going to be breach-proof but you can build a stronger wall and set up systems to discover breaches more rapidly, leading to reduced risk. Here’s how you can do that. In the meantime, don’t read those spoilers!

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