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Protect Valuable Data

How Do You Protect Valuable Data?

Data is one of the most cherished valuables to any company and its customers. But how does that valuable data stay safe? How is that valuable data protected? Gone are the days of a breach-proof dream. However, there are a few ways for companies to build strong systems to find threats quickly:

First, never click on links contained in emails unless you are certain you know the sender. Sound pretty basic? It is but this is one of the leading avenues for hackers. This underscores the need for security awareness amongst everyone in the organization, not just IT staff.

Second, do a security audit to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your computers, network and mobile devices.

Third, encrypt your most sensitive data, both while at rest and in transit. This requires knowing where all your data resides which in and of itself can be a significant hurdle.

Fourth, utilize multiple layers of defense. This means not just building higher walls (updating OS patches, firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems) but also installing and utilizing systems for analyzing log data and other indicators of a breach. Collecting logs is simply not enough, they must be carefully and routinely scrutinized to be of value. Newer Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems employ advanced analytics capabilities that can help detect intrusions before they have spread throughout the network thereby limiting the damage done.

Level 5 can assist with all of these steps to enhance your security posture. We would be pleased to discuss any of these steps with you and to set up a QRadar SIEM demonstration for you.

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