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How do you know if the ‘cloud’ makes sense for your organization?

The cloud includes services, servers, data, infrastructure, operating systems, middleware, firewalls, and security – anything that is in a private or corporate IT department.  Cloud allows companies to host their environment somewhere other than their own building or data center. Compliance and security are also available in the cloud model.

Today’s IT environment is continuously evolving – to meet business needs, models and technologies.  The move from capital expense to operating expense is also a key business directive, as is reputational management.  100% uptime, fantastic customer service, the highest skills available, are all the expected and not the exception anymore.   Moving your company’s IT structure to the cloud allows you to benefit from all of these features.

The cloud also allows businesses to move the risk, the capital expenditures, and IT services to a cloud provider, and increase their speed of response with rapid provisioning options.  This model allows companies to focus on their core competencies and not worry about keeping the right skillset around or keeping their hardware, software and technology up to date.  If your company is looking to accomplish any of these goals, it’s time to investigate the cloud.

Anneke Leigh
Solutions Executive
cell: (408) 384-9375
IBM 2013 Services Leadership Award Winner

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