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Akamai Edge

Akamai Edge Conference with Tim Brand (Level 5 Technology Group)

Summary of Akamai Edge:

One of the frustrating aspects of doing business on the internet is trying to make content fit and run properly on the myriad number and types of devices accessing a web site. What is acceptable for a laptop computer simply wont work on a cell phone, leading to decreased customer satisfaction and resulting, potentially, in lost sales. This problem is solved by Akamai through its read and redirect solution, in which the incoming request to access the site is analyzed and the type of device making the request identified. If the device is capable of efficiently downloading the “standard” web page, then the request will be funneled to the main website. However, if the request is coming from a cell phone or other device with more limited capability, they are redirected to a separate web site specifically designed for this type of device. This provides both users an optimal experience.

 Another way of optimizing the customer’s experience is to customize web content for each geo-location. For instance, if a sporting goods store is having a sale, it can deliver special pricing ads for surf boards to a customer from California, and for hiking equipment in Colorado. This allows potential customers to view products they are more likely interested in faster, without having to sort through hundreds of products or pages of ads.

In the end, making the customer’s experience faster and more pertinent will lead to greater customer enjoyment and increased sales. 

If you are doing business on the internet today, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how Akamai can enhance your customers’ experience and drive increased revenue.
Day 2:

Today Akamai Edge turned to future developments including the ability to add Akamai web performance tools directly to your mobile device. In beta testing now and expected to be released 1Q2017, this development will bring all the Web experience enhancements now available to Internet vendors to your tablet or cell phone. Better performance, enhanced user experience, greater security brought right to your personal device.

Another exciting new product allows App access without the need to interact with the network. Not only is speed of access increased but so is security because the App functions completely autonomously of the network. This is especially important given that Apps are one of the most important entry points for hackers.

More to come.

Day 1:
Hundreds of Akamai customers and business partners from all over the world have gathered in San Francisco for a two-day event, Akamai University. There they learn about the latest offerings from Akamai as well as having the opportunity for hands-on experience with how new products and services actually work. Web performance, cloud security, and media delivery are three of the hottest topics.

Following Akamai University will be the three day Akamai Edge Conference held at Hilton hotel in San Francisco’s Union Square.

More to follow.

– Timothy Brand, Ph.D., Level 5 Technology Group, VP of Security and Resiliency

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